A complete Finishing School for Men and Women


The Concept

In this highly competitive and fast paced world, literacy has taken precedence over education. Very few people have the opportunity to realise and fine tune the dignity and integrity which is the core of every individual. We at NHGFS, endeavour to nurture the inherent qualities of of both men and women and help them develop to the best versions of themselves. The sessions are structured around three main initiatives - Life enriching skills, Social Finesse and Image management. The extensive curriculum at N H Goel Finishing school will give you the makeover of a lifetime and you will look good, feel good and be good!

The course is interspersed with regular competitions to develop the spirit of healthy competition, to foster independent research and to inspire creativity and innovation. On completing the course you will be awarded a Certificate from the institution that is recognized as one of its kind in India.


We believe that each and every individual is a unique and perfect creation of God. NHGFS was created with the aim of providing an opportunity for men and women to perfect further and present the best version of themselves to the world at large.


Our mission is to ensure that our students step into the future full of confidence, charisma and grace. They will gain insight into the perfect etiquette for every situation. This will be achieved by hands on learning, practice and guidance sessions from experts in each field.