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Corporate Grooming & Etiquette Workshops

N.H. Goel Corporate Training entity is the corporate project wing of N.H. Goel Finishing School. We provide Practical and useful tools to make the job of trainers at all levels in the organization easier and more impactful. It is for the overall development of the employees to help them improve job processes and responsibilities. We instill the employees with Expertise and passion to help organizations improve and close the skill gap.

Training topics:

Development of management, leadership and Business skills.

Working on personal effectiveness and behavioral skills.

Employee motivation, reward and recognition.

Goal setting and Time management.

Team Building and Team dynamics.

Hands-on interactive sessions to enhance Interpersonal skills and professional presence.

Preparing participants to work on their organization's real issues.

Purpose :

Organizations are in constant search of employees who are engaged with their mission and who have the skills needed to improve performance. Updating the skills of the employees and preparing them for career advancement not only provides a trained and more productive workforce but it also generates higher employee satisfaction and retention. The workshop is conducted to prepare the participants to enhance personal image and the company’s image.

Learning Objectives :

  • Build a dependable and consistent professional image by meeting the organization’s vision and mission.
  • Build strong and cordial corporate relationship with customers.
  • Leverage negotiations with power image and proper body language.
  • Strengthen confidence and boost morale in employees.
  • Enhance job satisfaction and decrease attrition rate.
  • Make proper use of Business etiquette.

Who can be a part of this program?

Front Liners, Supervisors, Managers, Executives, Human Resources, Corporate communication Executives, General Managers who have the drive to develop their image to create a good first impression and be capable in the workplace.