Who We Are

N H Goel Finishing School is an elite institution conceptualised to impart skills for enriching the lives of women through personal, social and professional advancement. Finishing school is imperative for all women of this day and age, whether they intend on pursuing their career, being full time home makers or decide to balance between the two. The art of balancing the demands of different roles that a woman has to play in her life needs to be honed and that is where we come in.

We, at NHGFS offer a fully residential programme which ensures that the students gain practical insight on all aspects of living fulfilling lives and managing a family. The Finishing school is located on the sprawling grounds of N H Goel World School, a renowned knowledge hub of Raipur.

This comprehensive programme will provide personal growth and impart social finesse in women so that they step into the future with wisdom, grace and confidence.

Vision- We believe that each and every woman is a unique and perfect creation of God. NHGFS wascreated with the aim of providing an opportunity for women to perfect themselves further and present the best version of themselves to the world at large.

Mission- Our mission is to ensure that our students step into the future full of confidence, charisma and grace. They will gain insight into the perfect etiquette for every situation. This will be achieved by hands on learning, practice and guidance sessions from experts in each field.


The students will be housed in luxurious air conditioned quarters with world class amenities. Beautiful manicured lawns and greenery sooths the senses and creates an atmosphere conducive to both learning and meditating. Other amenities like the library, world class track and field, gymnasium are easily accessible for general use. Catering and Laundry service is provided in- house by SODEXO, a major French hospitality provider. The school provides a variety of delicious, nutritious, pure vegetarian food. Jain food can be provided on request.


Admission is open for girls between the ages 16 to 40 (relaxable) with the minimum educational qualification of Grade 10, 12 or any equivalent examination. Those who wish to join should be aware that this is a transformative course, hence it is challenging and requires a certain degree of enthusiasm and self motivation. Admission is confirmed after an interview (Telephonic or Personal).

Fee Structure

Kindly contact the school for information on fee structure.