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Image Enhancement Programme

Image Enhancement Programme

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This Programme is designed for both men and women who understand the value of presenting a confident and elegant appearance. To look and feel more confident and become more socially acceptable, we help you to step into an inspired new vision of yourself and celebrate your Image Makeover with NHGFS.

Each client is unique and hence the consultation sessions are customized based on the need assessment for each Client. Based on the evaluation, the client is then guided on managing the image based on roles and goals in life, which can be both professional and personal.

Top experts in each of our respective specialties have joined together to give you the most helpful image strategies we know. We cater to individuals like Professionals, Home Makers, Entrepreneurs, Students, Politicians, celebrities, Job-seekers, Socialites etc.

We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.

Project more confidence & charisma through communication – (8 hrs)

  • Enhance the four sub skills involved in communication
  • Know the art of introducing and presenting in public
  • Learn to be more accepted, understood and socially acceptable
  • Learn to network, socialize and make that great first impression every time.

Create sparkling first impression with excellent Etiquette – (3 hrs)

  • Fine tune telephonic Conversation skills
  • Perfect the art of Business Etiquette
  • Make an impression for all the right reasons with Greetings & Introductions
  • Learn minute details about Stair & Car Etiquette
  • How to make impactful First impression with great conversation skills

Dining & tea- (2 hrs)

  • Learn to conduct while dining with proper use of Cutlery, glassware, napkins etc
  • Creative & easy ways of planning a nutritious and appetizing menu.

Grooming is the secret of real elegance – (Self Grooming & Makeup- 8 hrs)

  • Complete assessment, review and recommendation on skin, makeup and hairstyling
  • Help to make intelligent choices in skin, makeup and hair products.
  • Discover the Wow makeup/Hairstyles that go with skin tone and hair.
  • Learn easy hacks/quick fixes to look fabulous & radiate confidence at all times.
  • Complete physical grooming from head to toe including skin care, hair care and nail care.
  • Quick hacks and tips for looking poised and groomed.
  • How to change Makeup looks from Day to Evening.
  • One on one session to help learn the basic customized techniques of makeup depending on occasion, roles and goals.

Dressing has a profound effect on how one has been perceived- (Style Makeover- 10 hrs)

  • Learn the secrets of emphasizing positives by dressing up according to body type.
  • To help build new wardrobe out of basic and classic pieces with timeless appeal.
  • Master the art of Creating multiple new looks/outfits from the existing wardrobe.
  • Complete guidance on putting together looks in advance for any upcoming events, kitty parties, weddings, and business meets vacations/trips etc.

Option I - 26 hours package

Option II - 26 hours + extra 2.5 hours with Celebrity Mentor